National Electricity Company EAD

National Electricity company EAD (NEK) is a sole-owner shareholding company, 100% owned by Bulgarian Energy Holding EAD, having its seat in Sofia. The company is managed by a three-member Board of directors. NEK’s main activity is electricity trade and generation.

NEK owns and operates 30 HPPs /  hydro power plants/ and PSHPPs / pumped storage hydro power plants/ with total installed capacity 2713 MW in generating mode and 937 MW in pumping mode. The main generation of electricity is by the power plants within Belmeken- Sestrimo- Chaira, Vacha, Batak and Arda cascades. 

NEK manages and maintains 41 big dam walls, more than 500 water abstraction facilities and hundreds of kilometers non- headrace and headrace derivations. The total built-up volume of dams is 50.1% of the total volume of water storage facilities in Bulgaria.

The main operations of the company are related to:

  • Guaranteeing electricity supply to citizens on the regulated market
  • Electricity trade in the country and abroad on the free market
  • HPP and PSHPP electricity generation
  • Investment operations guaranteeing security and development of the electricity system
  • Construction and repair activities in the field of electricity generation
  • Introduction and popularization of energy efficiency in electricity generation

NEK EAD holds the following licenses issued by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission:

  • License for electricity generation from HPP and PSHPP
  • License for public supply of electricity supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a special balancing group coordinator
  • License for electricity trade supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a standard balancing group coordinator
  • License for electricity supply by a last resort supplier supplemented with rights and obligations for the activity of a special balancing group coordinator

 Certificates issued to NEK EAD by the Construction Chamber

  • First group construction ( high-rise construction, its ancillary infrastructure, electronic communication networks and facilities) , from third to fifth category ;
  • Second group construction ( transport infrastructure construction), of fourth category;
  • Third group construction ( energy infrastructure construction), from first to third category;
  • Fourth group construction (public works infrastructure, hydro technical construction and environmental protection); from first to third category.

 NEK commercial operations are related to:

  • Electricity purchased from generators
  • Electricity generated by its own HPP
  • Electricity purchased under long-term contracts
  • Electricity purchased at preferential prices
  • Electricity purchased at freely-negotiated prices
  • Electricity from import
  • Balancing market

Sales of:

  • Electricity to end providers and electricity distribution companies at regulated parties
  • Electricity to customers at freely negotiated parties
  • Balancing market

The table below shows the electricity generation capacity of each of the company's 15 largest HPPs.

HPP Maximum installed capacity (MW)
Pumping mode Generating mode
PSHPP Chaira 788 864
PSHPP Belmeken 104 375
HPP Sestrimo - 240
PSHPP Orpheus 45 160
HPP Peshtera - 125
HPP Kardjali - 124
HPP Ivaylovgrad - 120
HPP Momina klisura - 120
HPP Tzankov kamak - 82
HPP Studen kladenec - 82
HPP Devin - 82
HPP Krichim - 80
HPP Aleko - 70
HPP Teshel - 60
HPP Batak - 46
Total 937 2 630

To view the company's financial statements please go to Financial reports.

For more information please visit www.nek.bg/index.php/en/.

National Electricity Company (NEK) EAD

1000 Sofia
5 Veslets str.
tel: +359 2 9263 636
fax: +359 2 980 12 43
e-mail: nek@nek.bg


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