The Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) will provide a direct link between the national natural gas systems of Greece and Bulgaria. The project aims to diversify gas supply sources to the Bulgarian and South East European gas market.

The technical capacity of the IGB pipeline is envisaged to be approximately 3 bNcm/y from Greece to Bulgaria with the possibility of upgrading to 5 bNcm/y through the installation of a compressor station. The overall length of the pipeline is approximately 182 km, with a diameter of 32'' (~813mm), ~57 bars pressure at the entry point and ~42 bars pressure at the exit point.

In 2010 a project company called ICGB AD was incorporated for the implementation of the IGB pipeline project. Shareholders in the company are BEH and IGI Poseidon SA, each with a 50% share. Decisions regarding the project company are taken jointly by the two shareholders.

IGB has been designated as a Project of National Priority in both Bulgaria and Greece and as a Project of Common Interest by the European Commission.

For more information, please visit ICGB AD.

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