Bulgartransgaz EAD

Bulgartransgaz owns, operates and maintains the 1 700 km Bulgarian gas transmission grid and the 945 km gas transit network that enables it to transit Russian gas from Romania to Greece, Macedonia and Turkey under ship-or-pay contracts, solely with Gazprom. The licences in respect of each of these activities were granted for a period of 35 years in November 2006.

Bulgartransgaz also owns Chiren UGS, which is the only underground gas storage facility in Bulgaria. Chiren UGS has 22 exploitation wells, a compressor station with total installed power of 10 MW and other installations necessary for ensuring the injection, withdrawal and the quality of the stored natural gas. The seasonal swings in the supply and consumption in the country are covered by the natural gas quantities stored in Chiren UGS.

The capacity of Chiren is currently 550 million cubic metres of gas storage. In addition, there is 750 million cubic metres of buffer gas which cannot be exploited because it serves to maintain storage pressures. The maximum daily flow is 4.2 million cubic metres.

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Bulgartransgaz EAD

1336 Sofia
66 Pancho Vladigerov blvd.
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