South Stream

The South Stream pipeline will pass under the Black Sea and through the territories of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia to reach Northern Italy. It is a key project in the diversification strategy for gas supply routes to Europe.

On the territory of Bulgaria the South Stream pipeline will comprise of the following installations:

  • а 540 km main pipeline from the entry point of the South Stream pipeline in Bulgaria at Pasha Dere area, south of Galata district in Varna, to the border with Serbia;
  • a 59 km branch pipeline to Provadia;
  • a receiving gas terminal;
  • 3 compressor stations– Varna, Lozen and Rasovo;
  • Loopings to the main pipeline.

The technical capacity of the pipeline is is envisaged to be approximately 63 bNcm/y.

In 2010 a project company called South Stream Bulgaria AD was incorporated for the implementation of the South Stream pipeline project on the territory of Bulgaria. Shareholders in the company are BEH and OAO Gazprom, each with a 50% share. Decisions regarding the project company are taken jointly by the two shareholders.

For more information, please visit the South Stream website.

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